Tennis in the UK

Around 3 million people throughout the U.K. are involved in Tennis. This means that you should have not problems finding a local club. If you find that you have a particular aptitude for the sport and believe you might have what it takes to compete in regional, national, or even international, competitions you should be able to find plenty of advice and support.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is an essential resource for anyone in the U.K. thinking about taking up Tennis. The website contains a useful, simple search engine which allows you to locate your nearest Tennis club by entering your post code. The website also contains information about competitions and tournaments. This information is helpfully divided into categories, from Grade 1 and 2 Tournaments at the national level, to tournaments between Grades 5-7 which take place on a county or local level.

Specific information about Tennis in your area can be acquired from your LTA county office. The contact details for each office are available on the website. Those with enquiries which are not addressed by the extensive Frequently Asked Questions section can fill in the enquiry form on the website to obtain the information they are looking for. Alternatively, you can write to the LTA or call the Head Office:

The website also contains lots of general advice about how to get started if you are a newcomer to the sport. The sections of the site which are devoted to youth Tennis are particularly useful. Children aged between four and ten are advised to start with The Ariel Mini Tennis, which aims to teach young children the basic techniques needed to play Tennis before they begin playing on a full court with adult rackets and balls. Mini Tennis lessons are usually taught in groups and can cater for children of all abilities. A search engine on the Ariel Mini Tennis website allows you to locate your nearest club by entering your post code or town.

The Tennis Scotland website might be of interest to those who wish to play Tennis in Scotland. The website contains information about upcoming competitions and tournaments in each of the nine regions overseen by the organisation in addition to information about coaching courses. All of the information you are likely to need is available on the website, although you can contact Tennis Scotland by post or telephone to request any additional information you may require:

Tennis Wales provides information about how to find which of the 84 major Tennis clubs in Wales is closest to you. A search engine is available to help visitors to the website find the most appropriate club for them. Information about youth Tennis, events and tournaments and coaching is also available.

The Tennis Ireland website provides lists of the major Tennis clubs in Ireland. The website also has a number of useful links and a comprehensive events calendar which includes both national and international events.

The British Tennis website should be of interest to anyone living within Britain. Like the LTA website, British Tennis has a club-search facility to help newcomers to the sport to find a local club. Those who are new to the sport should find the section dedicated to beginners particularly useful. The website also has lots of general information about the history of Tennis and the rules of the game. Information about U.K. players and upcoming events is also provided.

The British Tennis Coaches Association is a trade association for tennis coaches working in Britain. The organisation aims to provide impartial advice to coaches and assistants. The website contains lots of useful information and will be an invaluable resource for coaches across the country. Enquiries not addressed by the website can be forwarded to:


The British Tennis Foundation (BTF) is a useful resource for young people and for those with disabilities. The BTF is a registered charity which works in conjunction with the LTA to support: young people, by promoting Tennis in schools and encouraging children to take up the sport; people interested in playing wheelchair Tennis; people with learning disabilities; and deaf people.

Finally British Tennis Parents is a must for anyone who has children involved in playing the sport. Useful advice about training programmes, youth competitions and how best to provide support for your child can all be found on the website.