Martina Hingis


Martina Hingis the ‘Swiss Miss’, was born in September 1980 in Slovakia, to tennis-player parents. Her mother and father both ranked in the top ten national tennis players, and her father even made it to international ranking. Their daughter Martina outstripped them both: she herself is a former Number one ranking tennis player; she has won five Grand Slam singles titles, nine women’s doubles titles and one mixed doubles title. Her relentless rise as a record-breaking youngster seemed to cause physical problems at the age of 22, when she withdrew from international tennis with torn ligaments and weak joints. However, she was back in 2005 and continues to rank in the top 10 players worldwide. Hingis has won over 20 million US Dollars in prize money to date, and continues to play in tournaments. Her sharp tongue and short skirts have distinguished her from her rivals, and her quicksilver, surprising game is markedly different from – and more entertaining than – the muscular energy of many of her opponents.

Early Career

Martina Hingisovà, as she was born, began hitting balls at the age of two, and won her first junior Grand Slam at the French Open when she was 12