Sampras speaks out about tennis stars

on December 8, 2008 by Administrator

It’s been a fantastic year for Andy Murray, the rising star of British tennis. He has managed to reach the final of the US Open and he now stands at number four in the world rankings.

Murray may have thought that his year could not be made any better. However, he has now received the backing of Pete Sampras, a true legend in the world of tennis.

Critics of Andy Murray believe that he does not have the ability and natural talent to match the likes of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. However, whilst Sampras agrees that Murray is “one notch below” these two players, he feels he is “on the edge of breaking through”.

Furthermore, Sampras believes that the young Brit is set to win a major title in the very near future. If anyone can be trusted on the subject of tennis, it is surely Pete Sampras. During an extremely successful career, the player won fourteen Grand Slam titles and was a popular character with tennis fans all over the world.

Confidence was one thing that Sampras was not short of on the tennis court and the legend believes that Andy Murray needs to increase his level of self-belief if he is to succeed quickly. Sampras thought, whilst watching the US Open final, that Murray was lacking the self-belief that he could win and this proved detrimental to his game.

Whilst the American was keen to praise Murray, he cast doubts over the long-term success of Nadal. Nadal won the Wimbledon title this year at the expense of Federer, who had not lost on grass since 2002. However, Sampras believes that Nadal will not prove a serious threat to Roger Federer for too long, since it “takes a lot less energy" for Federer to “stay on top”.

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